Join Queerly ME, Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, and Ari Leach from Blackbird Guide Services on June 14th 6:30pm-8:30pm at Crystal Spring Farm in Brunswick for our LGBTQ+ Owl Prowl!
This Owl Prowl will begin with a walk through the forest, chatting about the different species of owl found in Maine and some flora ID along the way. We will also be calling for several species of owl, in hopes that we can bring one into view or get them to answer back. It is easy to learn to call and everyone can give it a try. Ari will also lead a discussion about how we can be helpful neighbors for our owl friends, and how to be a good steward of nature through respectful viewing. 

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More on our lead below!
Ari Leach of Blackbird Guide Services​​​​​​​
"My name is Ari Leach and I am a second generation registered Maine Guide. I grew up on the coast of Maine in Blue Hill and attended Unity College for both my undergrad and graduate degrees. I hold a BS in Wildlife Biology with a minor in Botany, and an MPS in Sustainable Natural Resource Management, completing my thesis on the softshell clam and marine bait worm conflict dynamic here in Maine. I have been deeply connected to the outdoors and nature since childhood and have continued to seek out ways to engage with my surroundings and share my passions with others. When I'm not working as a marine biologist for the state of Maine or wearing my Maine Guide hat, you can find me with my eyes glued to the skies in search of birds, on my mountain bike trying out new trails, or on the water wetting a line in hopes of a wild fish fight. I love any activity that gets me outside and closer to nature. I am also passionate about wilderness survival and ancestral skills, maintaining a wilderness first responder certification for over a decade. My hope is that I can impart a bit of knowledge, curiosity, and sense of adventure to those who join me in the wild, creating space to explore and ask questions in a safe and encouraging setting. Nature is for all, and we are all of nature."
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