Join Queerly ME and York Land Trust's LGBTQIA+ Solstice Yoga class on June 21st, 6pm-7pm at York Land Trust Headquarters, 1 Long Neck Marsh Road, York, ME. The windows and doors of the community room will be wide open to let in the fresh summer air, and enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga surrounded by nature.
More on our lead below!
Jax M White (she/her) is a licensed massage therapist, ERYT500 yoga teacher and a thorough human being from York, ME. During one of her yoga training sessions, she discovered structural integration and that’s when it clicked: her mission is to help people find alignment with their own unique true north. Jax sees the body as an incredible reminder of our humanity, resilience, and innate capacity to forgive. She believes that by physically practicing connecting to the core, moving from a place of intention & compassion, and making that a habit- we can all move through this life, in a literal and spiritual way, with more lightness and more grace. Jax offers queer yoga specifically for LGBTQIA+ folks, and all of her classes are inclusive and accessible to all bodies. 
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