Queerly ME is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to creating and increasing LGBTQIA+ visibility, resource accessibility, and Queer centered outdoor programming encouraging long lasting community connections in Maine.
Queerly ME creates LGBTQIA+ spaces in-person and online primarily through an ongoing photo-documentary, a categorized directory of resources on our website, and year-round outdoor programming, each designed to help individuals form meaningful connections within the LGBTQIA+ community in Maine.
Queerly ME aims to create thoughtful, intentional spaces in Maine where Queer people can thrive as their authentic selves and make meaningful, long-lasting connections in the LGBTQIA+ community without pressure to conform to the heteronormative or the constraints of binary identity.
Traditional outdoor recreation culture often centers cisgender, heterosexual white men; Queerly ME aims to dismantle the marginalization that the LGBTQIA+ community faces in the outdoors by creating spaces where Queer people feel supported and empowered to engage in nature as their authentic selves.
Queerly ME is based in Maine and offers statewide outdoor programming for LGBTQIA+ individuals. While we aim to expand our programming into all sixteen counties of Maine as we continue to grow as a nonprofit, so far we have provided programming in York County, Cumberland County, Sagadahoc County, Penobscot County, Knox County, Franklin County, Waldo County, and Somerset County.
Queerly ME provides LGBTQIA+ centered outdoor programming year-round. To find out more about what programming we are currently offering, please check out our "events" page at the top of our website.
- How do I get photographed by Queerly ME?
There is no selection process for our portrait documentary! The only requirements are that the subject lives in Maine and identified as Queer or LGBTIA+. Reach out via email at kwarnock@queerlyme.org or via Instagram @_queerlyme
- What is the photoshoot process?
The photographer will come to your residence or meet in an agreed upon location. Currently photoshoot locations span from York to Augusta, and the majority of our shoots are in the Greater Portland area. We book shoots back to back, meaning that timing and shoot date will depend on the availability of many including the photographer who volunteers their time; we try our best to be flexible in timing and date for your shoot! 
Each shoot takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes. The photographer will chat with you as they take your photo, no posing or specific outfitting needed. Show up as you are most comfortable and authentically you. After the shoot, you will be asked to write your own caption to couple with your photos; there is no prompt, you are encouraged to share whatever you would like to with the project's community following. After posting, your photos will be sent to you, which you are free to use with credit to Queerly ME.
By agreeing to a shoot, you agree to Queerly ME's ownership of the photos taken. These photos may be archived, used for advertisement, or sampled for public presentations. If you are uncomfortable with this prospect, please inform us ahead of time so that we can come to an alternative agreement that can best meet you at your comfort level.
- How do I get added to the directory?
To be added to the directory, you must first book a shoot with Queerly ME so that your photo can be taken and added to the relevant category. 
- What type of categories does the directory have?
The current directory categories are business, healthcare, education, politics, artists and creators, performers, and nature exploration events. All of those features are LGBTQIA+ themselves. If you do not see a category you are looking for, please reach out for resource recommendations or suggest the category you would like to see added to Queerly ME.
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